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GPS reached out to Sammy's and cleared up some confusion regarding the project. GPS does not and never has required any specific duration of a project before a client can cancel. It is clearly stated in the agreement, signed by Sammy (owner), that the client has the ability to cancel at any time before or after the project start. When a client expresses tax-related concerns, GPS will refer the client to Strategic Tax Advisors (STA). STA requires a retainer from its clients for tax projects. The retainer paid for STA services was collected by the Business Analyst, Brooks Potter. Dan Szathmary works for GPS, and had nothing to do with the deposit paid to STA. Due to this confusion, GPS contacted STA, and arranged for the return of the deposit to Sammy's Heating & Air. Ernest Kuhn, office manager at Sammy's, wrote a response to GPS stating that the issue was resolved with STA, and he wished to rescind his complaint against GPS USA, Inc.

Daniel Szathmary and Moroni Mayora, representing GPS USA, came to consult our business each charging $395/hr. One is speaking, the other is sitting there earning $395/hr.

They also charge us extra for hotels, rental cars, meals and per diems totaling $600 for one week. Much of their advice is not applicable to a small business like ours. They require a retainer be paid to their affiliate, *** Inc. of nearly $6000 for tax consultation.

After the required one week of service before we can opt out we have outlayed nearly $32,000 for very little useful information or help.

The tax advisory company did not hing for us, yet Daniel says they will not refund any of our nearly $6000 retainer. This is thievery.

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